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Spider lights: the flexible solution for illuminating living spaces

In the field of interior lighting, ‘spider’ lights emerge as essential tools for industry professionals. Thanks to their ductility and ability to modulate light, these lighting solutions are at the heart of successful residential projects, shaping unique and functional atmospheres.

Lighting Solutions

In the world of interior design, we are often faced with lighting challenges that require out-of-the-box solutions. Imagine entering a new or already furnished apartment or a renovation to start your work… and the light points don’t seem to be in the right place, or even they completely are missing at critical points. How can you best carry out your work as an interior designer? This is where specific lighting solutions come into play and, among those, the spider system proves to be a true ally.

Lights are the soul of an environment, and their position and distribution can make a difference between a welcoming atmosphere and a feeling of disorientation.
In fact, we often find ourselves illuminating living spaces where the light points have not been thought according to the actual use of the spaces or not even designed in relation to the furniture. Therefore, they appear decentralized or shifted from the point to be illuminated. Other times, we can only find one light point in an environment that requires lighting in different places.

Spider lights

The spider solution provides an elegant and practical solution to these problems. This system allows to easily move the light sources from the main light point. An unconventional way of thinking about a hanging lamp.

Between past and modern design

This kind of lighting is, without doubt, an interior design icon where cables or support arms radiate from the ceiling or a central source, creating either a spider or a spiderweb-like effect. This style is often attributed to various designers of the past, but there is not only one known inspirer for this concept. ‘Spider’ lighting has emerged as part of the modern and functional design movement, with several designers helping to develop and adapt this style over the years, among those Serge Mouille. He introduced the iconic wall and ceiling lamp ‘Araignée’, with 5 fixed arms in 1953. Its sober and sculptural design proved to be intelligent and flexible. With a slender structure and an ovoid body, his creations were inspired by nature and the kingdom of insects, embodying the concept of ‘organic’ design that dominated the scene in the 20th century.

However, it is important to note that the ‘spider’ design is universally recognised as a very versatile system and therefore, it has been reinterpreted in different ways by many contemporary designers.

The system that allows you to customize environments

But how exactly does the spider lighting work? At the heart of the system, the so-called rose window, the electrical wirings are made, paving the way for a world of possibilities. Then, it is possible to place the light points with the appropriate supports and brackets. Here lies the magic: the cable, instead of being a separate element, becomes an integral part of the lamp design, tracing elegant lines and geometries in the ceiling.

The modular lighting system that follows your needs

But how does spider work in detail? And what are the advantages compared to other lighting systems? Let’s see them together.

  • It allows to customize the lighting of the rooms according to your needs and preferences, without having to modify the existing electrical system.
  • It allows to move the light sources from the original light point, creating some unique lines and geometries.
  • It provides a wide range of light sources to choose from, adaptable to different styles and contexts.
  • It uses LED light sources, which ensure low power consumption and long service life.

Spider is the lighting solution that combines flexibility, creativity and quality.

Anatomy of the system

The actual operation of the system is quite simple. Electrical energy is supplied from the power point to the light points through the cables. The flexibility and customization of the system depend on the number of light sources, their position and angle. This allows to create unique light compositions that are adaptable to the needs of the environment.

The main difference among the various spider lighting systems lies in the design, in the materials and in the ease of installation. Some systems are designed to be more versatile and easier to customize, while others may have more rigid designs.

The art of shaping spaces with light

Originally designed for Elesi Luce’s Iconic collection, the spider system has been found to be so polyhedral and adaptable that it can also be successfully applied to Narciso, Medusa and Gaia collections. Each light source is conceived as a fundamental element, ready to be inserted into multiple lighting solutions, creating original and bespoke combinations for every need, thanks to their particular design.

Lighting is not only a matter of functionality, but also of style and personality. Thanks to spider solutions, it is possible to achieve a perfect balance between these two dimensions. Lighting becomes an art form, able to transform a simple environment into a unique and immersive space.

Spider lighting tailored to every style

The cables connect the light sources to the rose window. Held up by metal supports, the light points can be distributed to taste on the ceiling. The rose window is that element that encloses the electrical wirings of the light sources with the lighting system.

The spider solution can be applied by choosing from the several Elesi Luce’s collections.

Let’s talk about Elesi Luce’s lamps which, by their creative solutions, demonstrate how lighting can offer concrete examples of innovative design.


Iconic is a collection with minimalist and geometric shapes and, thanks to its lenses that diffuse light differently, it is suitable for both home and commercial uses.


Narciso has a fishing light shape with a reflective internal surface: its reflected and dynamic light creates scenic effects and enhances the furnishing elements.


Medusa is created by the harmonious combination of metal spheres and cannetè glass cylinders, giving birth to an organic shape in its design. As a particularly elegant and refined lamp, it provides a soft and enveloping light, suitable for creating intimate or relaxing atmospheres.


Gaia is a collection that presents essential geometric shapes. It has a direct and downward light, and a mood lighting with the light passing through the holes in the structure.

Case history: spider lighting in real-life projects

In the continuation of this article, we are going to move from theory to practice, exploring practical implementation of some Elesi Luce’s customers, who have used the spider lamp solutions. These projects are tangible examples of how this lighting solution can be customized to fulfil the specific designers’ and end customers’ specific needs.

The photographs of the completed projects are going to offer a detailed overview of how spider lighting can transform living spaces into welcoming, functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Light customization: hanging spider Iconic in a spacious living area

In this living area, the light point was set up in the center of the room, but the points of interest to be illuminated are 2 and far from each other: the tea table and the sofa area. The use of the 5-light hanging spider lamp from the Iconic collection allows to properly illuminate both areas adapting to the style of the environment.

Brightness from above: spider lamp Iconic solution for a homogeneous effect

In this example the problem is even more evident. There is only one light point that is wall-mounted, but the customer wanted a lighting from above to get a more homogeneous light and focused on the dining table. The 5-light spider lamp from the Iconic collection also provides the right solution in this case too. A 12 cm diameter wall-mounted rose window was used and 2 additional cable supports to power the lamp placed above the table. The additional rose window and mounts have the same finishes as the hanging spider. In this way, they become integral parts of the installation. The result is amazing!

Ceiling Spider: the magic touch of uniform lighting

The black top is about 3.4 meters long and the ceiling light point is in the center. The designer wanted to evenly distribute the light by the hanging spider, creating an interesting ceiling pattern.

The ON finish, brushed and black brass, perfectly matches the shades of the floor and furnishings.

Details and geometries in harmony

The Iconic spider lamp version was set up in this environment to be able to follow the original silhouette of the table, the ceiling geometries dialogue in unison with those of the table. A creative solution that gives the environment the uniqueness of a space designed to the smallest detail.

Duet of lamps for a bright living room

Here is another concrete application of the spider solution: a living room with 2 Iconic spider lamps that illuminate the dining table and the breakfast counter.

The 4-light spider – as in this image – is not present as a proposal in our catalog, but it is a customization that is often produced by Elesi Luce. The standard spiders in the Iconic collection are the 3-light one with three sources on the same side and the 5-light one with 3 sources on one side and the other 2 opposing. Customizations on the position of the cable outlet and on the number of sources are always possible, just contact our technical department.


From the real projects we have shown, it is clear how spider lighting can be adapted in a thousand different ways to meet everyone’s needs. From uniform ceiling lighting to a warm duet of lamps, these examples demonstrate how these solutions can make a real difference. 

The images of the completed projects give a precise idea of how this option can transform any space: whether you want to make a large living room cozy or to add a touch of creativity and geometry, spider lighting turns out to be the ideal choice.

And to realize your lighting project, Elesi Luce, which has been dedicated to lighting with professionalism and creativity for over 20 years, offers you a consultancy, bespoke design and technical assistance service based on your satisfaction.

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