Smart LED lamps: the best solutions awarded at the Venetian Smart Lighting Award

In the suggestive scenery of the historic Villa Cà Marcello in Levada di Piombino Dese, the prestigious Venetian Smart Lighting Award event, dedicated to smart LED lamps, was held on July 13. The project laid special emphasis on the intersection of design with innovative lighting, highlighting the vital role of these lighting solutions in the world of modern lighting.

In this showcase of talents, Elesi Luce stood out noticeably, emerging among the finalists thanks to its bold creativity and expertise in the lighting field.

The era of the intelligent and connected lighting

The evolution of lighting has reached a turning point thanks to smart lighting, a technology that goes beyond just turning lights on and off. The intelligent lighting represents the perfect combination of sophisticated design and technological innovation, providing an unprecedented lighting experience. Thanks to its ability to adjust intensity, colour and a bright environment by a simple touch, the smart lighting transforms spaces, creating customized and immersive atmospheres. It is precisely in this fascinating panorama that the Venetian Smart Lighting Award stands out as the most prestigious recognition in the sector. It celebrates excellence and innovation in smart lighting, rewarding the companies and the professionals which carry on the challenge of making our world brighter and smarter.

The Venetian Smart Lighting Award

The Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2023 is confirmed as a prestigious showcase for the companies in the lighting sector in Veneto, which display their creativity, innovation and ability to respond to the market needs. The award, now in its eighth edition, celebrates the quality and variety of the products proposed by the Venetian companies.

The jury, composed of five experts in the fields of lighting, architecture, and design, had the privilege of carefully evaluating the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the competing products.

Elesi Luce: a long history of success at the Venetian Smart Lighting Award

Elesi Luce was a constant and winning presence in the past editions of the prestigious Venetian Smart Lighting Award.

  • Since 2019, it has stood out with ‘POIS‘, which won the Special Prize as the ‘best decorative lamp by an historic company’. In fact, this model is able to skilfully combine the tradition of glassmaking with a refined functionality, creating physiological shapes of stylized and elegant lines.
  • In 2021, Elesi Luce kept on excelling thanks to two wins. Iconic Chandelier won the title of the best design decorative lamp. This unique piece revisited the classic multi-arm hanging with a contemporary language and materials, inspired by the 50s design. “Morse” was awarded as the best lamp for special use, instead. By its sound-absorbing materials and bright colours, it demonstrates Elesi Luce’s versatility in integrating sound and light.
  • In 2022, the company continued to amaze with Alba, the winner in the category best decorative lamp for contract use and also selected for the Adi Design Index 2022. The lamp, with an essential and functional design but very decorative at the same time, represents an evolution of the techniques of the local tradition. The concept conveys a great emotional impact, paying homage to the beauty of the cosmos and the Earth as a harmonious and bright vessel.

Elesi Luce’s long series of victories confirms the company’s leading role in the lighting field, its ability to combine innovative design with high-quality materials and the relentless search for lighting solutions that embrace functionality and creativity. The almost constant and winning presence of Elesi Luce at the previous seven editions of the Venetian Smart Lighting Award is a proof of talent and dedication of the company in proposing cutting-edge lighting products.

Elesi Luce finalist in two categories for the Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2023

Elesi Luce demonstrated its determination at the Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2023 this year too, becoming a finalist in two categories.


Silvia Betteto, a key figure in the organization and strategic planning of Elesi Luce, enthusiastically leads us into the universe of Black Chocolate, a finalist in the “Best Lamp for Special Use” category.

“The lamp was born from the need expressed by Regione Veneto, by a Call for Research, to develop solutions for the person’s well-being through light in a Covid pandemic context. Elesi Luce chose to incorporate a negative ion air sanitization system into the lamp.

The sanitization action takes place through a forced air flow. In fact, the air is sucked in from the lower part of the floor lamp, it goes through the ionizer and then it is re-pumped into the environment going out of the top of the stem of the floor lamp itself. Its Led lighting provides white light downwards and RGB upwards. The control of the lights and the ionizer can take place by a button on the stem or it can be controlled by the ELIV system, both via the app and by configured scenarios. We cannot just define it a lamp, this is a multifunctional IoT device”.


The surprises do not end there, anyway. Elesi Luce also reached the grand final in the category “Best Solution Made with Innovative Materials and/or Technologies” thanks to Imperfetto. This unique lamp was made with a keen eye for innovation, incorporating forefront materials and advanced technologies. Imperfect enchants with its studied design, where symmetrical and asymmetrical inclinations meet, looking for and achieving the perfect balance.


We asked Elesi Luce how the company uses customers’ feedback and experiences in the product development process and how this affects the participation in the Venetian Smart Lighting Award. Silvia explained to us that each lamp was born to fulfil specific needs and to be a furnishing solution, with a design embracing the idea of functionality and simplicity. The constant dialogue with professionals, retailers and customers enriches the design process of the new collections.

Silvia then emphasized the importance of product communication both to reach the jury of the competition and to interact with the customers:

“Imperfetto is a lamp very appreciated by the public, presented at Euroluce it was a protagonist in our exhibition area. Elesi designs and creates new collections of lamps every year, each with its own peculiarities, with its own personality and innovation. This is the starting point to be able to participate in the VSLA, to have new content proposals. It is then necessary to be able to tell the jury that has to evaluate the candidate products, therefore the product communication is another important element, not only to reach the jury, but also for our customers”.

Elesi Luce’s experience in dialoguing with its customers and interpreting their needs, along with the attention to communication and innovation, confirm the company’s ability to stand out in the competitive world of bright design.

The winners

During the gala evening the Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2023 revealed the winners of its five categories, adding new light to the exciting world of design.


“VITREO” by ANDCOSTA captures attention with an exciting cascade of light, combining glass tradition with technological advancement.


‘MURANO BULB’ by Multiforme reinvents the iconic bulb with originality, combining precious glass with 3D printing in order to create a fusion between tradition and innovation.


“DIAPASON” by GLIP by Sile conquers everyone thanks to its clean and elegant line, providing a family of versatile products for outdoor use with an integration of smart systems and cutting-edge LED technology.


A special award went to “IMPERFETTO” by Elesi Luce, an innovative solution that masterfully merges design and technology. The details of this iconic lamp will be explored later in our dedicated article, allowing to fully discover the features that made it a winner at the Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2023.


‘LINEAR LIGHT FLEX BACKBONE’ by Inventronics skilfully responds to the lighting needs of design and historic environments, enhancing architecture and details without being invasive, thanks to its flexible lighting system.


Hikari stood out in the “Special Prize: CULTURE LIGHTS” category with “ARENA VERONA 2023 – AIDA” creation. The engaging storytelling and the suggestive images fascinated and positively impressed the jury, transporting them on an emotional journey into the world of artistic and cultural lighting. A deserved recognition in the 1st edition of the ‘Silvano Oldani’ Prize. 

Elesi Luce takes first place once again

Thanks to its strong personality, Imperfetto by Elesi Luce established itself triumphant in the category “Best solution made with innovative materials and/or technologies”. The outstanding design and the care for details caught the jury’s attention, making this lamp emerge as a true icon of cutting-edge lighting.

Imperfect hides a secret: an eclectic personality that reveals a new detail of itself from every angle. It is a piece of furniture that stands with confidence and determination, bringing with it the charm of the contrast of the colours and finishes. The lamp embodies the mastery and the meticulous care of Elesi Luce in creating lighting solutions that marry aesthetics and functionality.

Emotions and confirmed success

Elesi Luce won at Venetian Smart Lighting Award for the fourth year in a row. With pride and gratitude, Silvia shared with us the enthusiasm pervading the whole company in receiving this prestigious award once again.

“It is always a great honour to receive the VSLA prize, it is the recognition of the work done, of the passion we put into the design and creation of our lamps.

Alba collection won the VSLA statuette in 2022 and it was published in the ADI Design Index 2022 catalog last November. That denotes Alba’s design is a well-defined and recognizable distinctive feature. Moreover, there were 13 Elesi Luce lamps selected as finalists in the different categories in the last 7 editions, they are important figures. Two consecutive years is a pleasant confirmation, Imperfetto lamp has been able to enchant and excite. “

ELIV system

Elesi Luce stood out for its willingness to push the boundaries of innovation, exploring new technologies. This relentless research has led to the manufacture of products that reveal a deep understanding of the sector needs.

A particularly distinctive feature of “Imperfetto” is in fact the integration of the advanced technology ELIV, a user-friendly and intuitive wi-fi and voice control system, processed by Luce in Veneto business network, which adds a note of intelligent interactivity to this extraordinary lighting creation. 


The Venetian company therefore achieves the umpteenth recognition, keeping on showing its ability to make innovative and high-quality products. It is leaving an indelible mark in the world of lighting and it is confirming itself as an industry-leading company.

By a surprising mix of talent and genius, all the winners of the Venetian Smart Lighting Award 2023 have shown that light is not just lighting, but an artistic and technological experience able to transform the world around us.

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